Create a Life After Loss Filled with Purpose and Passion

Are you ready to break free from the heaviness of grief and love life again?

Welcome to "Reclaiming Life After Loss" – a transformative coaching program that empowers you to connect with your loved one in spirit, reframe your loss, end the constant pain, and find meaning and joy in life once more.

This 12-Week Coaching Program Will Help You

Release Pain & Suffering: Shatter the hold that grief has on your life and step into a state of peace and fulfillment.

Spirit Connection & Communication: Establish a profound connection with your loved one in spirit, feeling their presence in your everyday life. Yes, they want to communicate with you, too!

Powerful Reframing Processes: Transform your perspective on death and loss and discover a renewed sense of purpose and passion.

Embrace the Present: Let go of the heaviness of sadness and embrace joy and vitality in the here and now.

Transform Grief Into Grace: Channel the energy of grief into creating something magnificent and deeply meaningful.

Yes, This Program Will Work For You...

  • Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed by grief and think there’s no way out.

  • Even if you’re not sure how to start or where to find comfort and stability.

  • Even if you've never dipped your toes into the world of spirit before.

  • Even if you have lost a child or a spouse that you have been with forever.

  • Even if you feel nothing will ever make you feel whole or happy again.

Don't Let Grief Steal The Rest of Your Life Away

Be the artist of your life and create a masterpiece! Enroll now and start transforming your future with this 12-week coaching program.


12 Week Support Group

Surround yourself with a community of individuals walking the same path toward healing and growth. We are live every Wednesday.


Tools & Resources

Unlock a treasure trove of resources such as guided meditations, daily journaling prompts, breathwork exercises and so much more...


Step-by-Step Modules

Dive into comprehensive lessons designed to guide you through the journey of grief recovery. Doing the work is where transformation happens.


Daily Motivation & Inspiration

Benefit from ongoing motivation and encouragement with daily text reminders and emails, ensuring you stay inspired and committed even after the program concludes.

What People Say About Tereson

"Tereson was born to do this work. She is a mystic, a healer, and a torch bearer of LOVE that she shares. She shines light wherever she goes."

Sunny Schaffer

New Orleans, LA

"Tereson is a magical creature! Whatever she says is pure spiritual truth and she has a way of inspiring that I have never seen before. She quite literally changed my life."

Lea Grady

Boulder, CO

"She spoke truth to me! Tereson is both gracious and generous. She has a deep and unique wisdom to her that is simply a gift!”

Hillary Howard

San Francisco, CA

About Tereson

Hi, I'm Tereson and I am an author, speaker, and spiritual life coach dedicated to helping people deeply impacted by grief and loss.

With profound empathy and transformative insight, I guide my students to reframe their loss and live lives filled with passion and purpose.

In my upcoming book, The Return of Eden - A True Story of Love, Loss, and Life After Death, I share my extraordinary "shared crossing" experience after my son, Eden, crossed over in 2020.

This spiritual phenomenon, similar to a near-death experience, profoundly changed me, reshaping my understanding of death and the continuity of life after it. It also provided me with the "8 Keys of Eden"—an instruction manual for ending all human suffering and living a life of abundance and miracles.

As a spiritual life coach, I help my clients awaken their spiritual power, elevate their consciousness, and remove repetitive negative patterns. My coaching programs help create lives that are abundant, beautiful, and intimately loving.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Will this program work for me even if I feel my grief is too deep?

Absolutely. This program is crafted to meet you exactly where you are, no matter the depth of your grief.

What if I don't believe in the spiritual aspect?

That's okay! The program blends both spiritual and practical elements. Engage with the components that resonate with you.

How much time will I need to commit? 

While the program offers extensive content, you can proceed at your own pace. We recommend setting aside a few hours each week for the best results.

I've tried other grief support before, why is this different?

This program isn’t just about surviving—it's about thriving. Our unique blend of spiritual and practical guidance, alongside a supportive community, makes all the difference.

You Have My Personal Guarantee

If this process and these tools put me back together after a life of trauma and the devastating loss of my child and his father, I know they will work for you, too. But, as the saying goes, it works if you do the work.

If after 14 days you do not see value in this program or the live support group you can ask for a refund... no questions asked.

So, what do you have to lose... other than your pain and loss-related suffering?